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LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT Every good plan of action starts with knowing where you are at the outset. Our lives are a series of predictable cycles LEARN MORE
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PERSONAL GOAL SETTING Nothing purposeful happens without a plan of action and a clear vision of where you are headed. LEARN MORE
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ALIGNING VALUES AND PURPOSE Values guide us through life and aligning them with our daily activities is imperative to achieving balance. LEARN MORE
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IDENTIFYING BARRIERS AND ACTION PLANNING Change, reinvention and renewal aren't always easy and growth can be painful. Having a coach help identify the LEARN MORE

Reflections offers a unique blend of services. Whether you want to figure out how to live your dream, improve your leadership effectiveness or are standing at a cross roads in your personal life and want to start a new chapter, Reflections has the skills and resources to guide you.

What ties these growth areas together is the need to discover your passions in order to lead effectively and live a purposeful life. If you seek support in these areas of your life then the unique Leadership and Personal Coaching Services provided by Jennifer Powell of Reflections are for you.

Jennifer will use her personal experience and extensive training to help you gain clarity on the life you want to live. She will show you how to channel your passion and energy into a practical plan that will get you where you want to be.


reflections coaching Proven track record with over 10 years experiencing as a Life Coach
reflections coaching 30 years experience in organization development, leadership development and Human Resources
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Jennifer Powell

Jennifer Powell is an accomplished coach with over 15 years experience in leadership coaching. She expanded her practice into the Life Coaching arena by completing the Coaching Certificate Program with The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, CA. She holds a Masters degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University. With more than 25 years experience in corporate Organization and Leadership Development Jennifer brings a wealth of practical experience to her work with clients.


“Jennifer’s coaching resulted in me doubling my firm’s income in one fell swoop.” arrow

Tom Finn
Tom Finn and Associates,
Organization Development Consulting

“Jennifer is like a laser identifying a target and responding with pinpoint coaching.” arrow

Will Gale
Body Intelligence Coach

“There are times during our life's journey that we need someone to be our coach. I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer... her ability to ask difficult questions, provide a different perspective and then encourage me to step out of my comfort zone allowed me to grow as a leader at work and enriched my personal relationships as well.” arrow

Life Coach Client

“Jennifer offered practical - and actionable - advice during my coaching sessions. She was candid with her own experiences but worked to keep our time together focused. She is a wealth of knowledge willing to share her resources, and I'd gladly recommend her services to anyone who finds themselves at a crossroad.” arrow

Life Transition Client

Leadership Coach in Marathon Shores

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