Life Cycle Assessment: Every good plan of action starts with knowing where you are at the outset. Our lives are a series of predictable cycles and Jennifer Powell will use proven tools to assess where you are right now and how to get to a new phase. Read More
Personal Goal Setting: Nothing purposeful happens without a plan of action and a clear vision of where you are headed. No one knows that better than Jennifer Powell. She can help you clarify your goals and get you moving toward them. Read More
Aligning Values and Purpose: Values guide us through life and aligning them with our daily activities is imperative to achieving balance. It’s important to check in on those values from time to time as our lives change and we grow as individuals. Let Jennifer Powell help you take stock of how your actions align with your values. It will prove enlightening and open up new possibilities. Read More
Identifying Barriers and Action Planning: Change, reinvention and renewal aren’t always easy and growth can be painful. Having a coach help identify the barriers and guide you in planning a path around them or through them is invaluable. Read More